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Tucson’s Reid Park Zoo takes on new glow with Asian Lantern Festival

I’ve known that Zoo Negara has not returned to its glory days for some time now and besides the average appearance it has for the past few years, I’ve heard from volunteers that the animals there can be taken care of better. Some wild cats are seen pacing in tiny spaces as their enclosure is being renovated, a sign of stress. Snakes and reptiles are kept in boxes.

Zoo Negara admits that they are underfunded and can do better with more support as stated in the papers recently. Malaysians being the kind people they are (sometimes) flocked to the zoo to show their support but this is only a temporary measure. Soon enough, people will forget.

Some visitors made valid points about how the Ministry of Tourism, local transport and tour/travel agencies  should include our zoos and parks in all marketing material. Long term partnerships with corporations is a must too.

A visitor mentioned dropping the price. I disagree. I feel that the zoo should maintain the price but justify it. Create mini tours where visitors can see how zoo workers take care of the animals. If security is an issue, do  Live Feeds on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube. All these are free channels. You just need to have a calender of content so that you know what to post, when.

Kids of today are different from those from yesterday. They want to learn in fun environments. I’m an adult and I still love learning when it’s made fun and relevant. Rather than stick to the boring printed boards, use interactive screens. Create an app where visitors are guided througout the zoo with fun facts and rewards from sponsors. Sponsors can even sponsor the app. Contact my team to create a customized app.

Put on seasonal shows that celebrate the arts, culture, nature and wildlife.

Sell membership cards so that parents can bring their kids without limit throughout the year and enjoy exclusive discounts and privileges. Upgrade the website and give your sponsors more value.

There are so many things that a zoo can offer without counting on the animals to perform. Let them roam peacefully in healthy environments. Create experiences that the kids of today will want to share with the kids of tomorrow.


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