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I’ve been trying to get rid of the clutter in the house by mostly not accepting stuff such as flyers/brochures/ decorative items (except plants) and not taking home those cute little soap bottles from hotels. I still have some stuff that I’ve not used for years due to the “sayang nak buang” feeling I get especially when it comes to nice clothes that are meant for more formal occassions.

I’m diligent when it comes to vacuuming, wiping and mopping the house on a weekly basis even though I know that it will never be clean enough as I have cats, and their fur basically covers the floor on a daily basis.

My hubby was recently attacked by a cleaning frenzy after months of inactivity. He cleaned corners, reorganized the kitchen and wash area and declared that weekly maintenence is the order of the day. I’m not sure how serious he is but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Why do we clean when we know that it will never be as perfect as staying in a hotel or furnished apartment with daily cleaners? I guess it’s because we strive to be better at being house mates and having a home that guests can actually visit.

This is kind of the same thing when it comes to our insecurities. When we’re running our own business, we sometimes feel we’re not good enough or feel “fake”. Our deepest insecurities, and most powerful demons never go away. They are ever present and part of who we are.

We just need to deal with them just like how we deal with dirt.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

Improve. Take action. Reflect.

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