The roadside brickwalls are being painted near where I live. I never noticed them before as they were just …grey. Then I noticed some workers painting them a few days ago and they’re almost done. Red, white, pink and grey. Very pleasing to the eyes.

The local municipal council could have just left the bricks as they were but they chose to make our neighbourhood beautiful. Sure, some of us grunt and say, why use taxpayers money for silly stuff like this? It really does matter. Humans are born to like looking at nice things. This helps them make them feel better. Won’t you be proud to go back to a beautiful home?

Why do you see the underserved avoid going home? Their homes are packed with people and lacking in love. For a society to evolve, we need to help these people want to go home. Make them want to be part of their community.

No matter what we do, we each have the opportunity to leave a trail. Whether we create artwork or write code, heal bones or clean drains. We don’t do our best work by simply getting the job done. We do our best work when we can look back and say—this place, these people or that situation, is better for our being here.

Who, what or where is better for your being here?

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