Anyone can take a business class and learn about marketing all the other elements of business. What’s not taught in class is drive and commitment.

Many people wait their entire lives for someone to give them their lucky break. But those who manage to bring their dreams to life don’t wait around for permission.

Many of us are so afraid of failure that we let it keep us from ever taking the initiative.

Failure doesn’t have to be scary. After all, anyone who’s found success will tell you that failure is a natural part of the process of achieving your goals.

The first step in overcoming it is to identify it.

The culture of perpetual innovation is the key to most of today’s and yesterday’s most successful companies.

The newest, most innovative companies like Apple or Pixar build and organize teams around projects.

Beware of overstarting.

One of the biggest hurdles to clear in generating new ideas is taking that first step. However, for a significant portion of people, the problem isn’t starting, but rather overstarting.

There’s a good chance you might know an overstarter – someone who loves to take on new projects before the previous ones are even completed.

When you’re initiating something, you need to commit to devoting the time and effort required to see it through to the end.

To succeed, you need patience, preparedness and perseverance, as these qualities will set you apart.

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