Is your selling message clear? Do your prospects know what you’re selling? Answer these.

  • I sell ___
  • I solve THIS problem for my customer ____
  • My customer knows they need this when ___
  • I help a customer’s concerns by explaining ___
  • I make the purchase process easy. First, a buyer ___
  • The process continues after payment by ____
  • I keep the buyer informed and served by ___
  • After a sale, I follow up with the buyer and ___

If your answers are too complicated, that’s probably an issue because your customer might have fallen asleep or found someone else to serve him/her. If you haven’t made the first steps to purchase easy, put yourself in your customer’s shoes and make it easy. If you don’t resolve their reasons NOT to buy, there’s a potential moment.

Clarity. Use words or messages that explain clearly how the product or service you sell makes the buyer’s world better. Get more creative once you’ve made a name for yourself.

There are Other Reasons You’re not selling more

  • Not marketing enough
  • Not marketing effectively
  • Not following up
  • Product actually isn’t wanted (rare, but possible)
  • Not chasing the business

The clarity issue is a common one. So few people know what they’re really selling. They know the name of a product or a service, but they don’t realize what role their efforts play in a buyer’s world.

Take a look at what you’re offering and how you talk about it. What do you think?

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