Extracted from an interview with Seth Godin

Self-limiting beliefs infect all of us because all of us like being competent. We like being respected. We like being successful. When something shows up that threatens to undo all of those things, well then it’s really easy to avoid it.

What goes hand in hand with that is the sour mindset. The mindset of we are not getting what we deserve. The mindset of the world is not fair. The mindset of why should I even bother? It’s probably not going to work.

One thing those of us who are lucky enough to live in a world where we have enough and we have a roof and we have food, is we find ourselves caught in this cycle of keeping track of the wrong things. Keeping track of how many times we’ve been rejected. Keeping track of how many times it didn’t work. Keeping track of all the times someone has broken our heart or double-crossed us or let us down. Of course we can keep track of those things, but why? Why keep track of them? Are they making us better?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to keep track of the other stuff? To keep track of all the times it worked? All the times we took a risk? All the times we were able to brighten someone else’s day? That when we start doing that, we can re-define ourselves as people who are able to make an impact on the world. It took me a bunch of cycles to figure out that the narrative was up to me. If a narrative isn’t working, well then really, why are you using it?

The narrative isn’t done to you; the narrative is something that you choose. Once we can dig deep and find a different narrative, then we ought to be able to change the game.

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