What should I write about? Will I have enough content? I don’t really like being photographed so how do I make my instagram feed interesting. Why do all these bloggers or vloggers have such nicely done blogs and social media channels? Argghhhhh….!!!

This went on for months and then I decided if I don’t start somewhere NOW, I won’t get ANYTHING done. The key to content success online is you’ve got to start doing.

So WHAT should you write about?

What do you like to talk to about that gets you excited no matter what? Think about what you read about everyday. Is it about your health? Money? Business? Technology? Travel? Food? Furniture? Makeovers? Celebrities?

Now think about WHY you want to share what you know with the world. Tell the story where you are right now. Make your story “Live”. In the moment and genuine.

You might be a passionate about lots of things. I love travel and reading and films and animals and business and technology and coffee and art but I can’t be writing about everything so for this blog I’m focusing on business and primarily in marketing. At this moment in time, I breathe and live marketing. It could change in the future. It’s OK. As we grow older, our interests sometimes change.

I’ve been in my own business since 2008 and in the beginning I met people who were like me. Exploring their options, thinking whether leaving the rat race was really a good idea. Then I started meeting people who have been in business for decades and are loving what they do and making an impact they personally can make for the people around them. Then as my business grew, I continued attending events, conferences, seminars, networking sessions. I met people who were just thinking about starting out.

Being the animated person that I am, I gush about how awesome it is to run a business of your own. Then I also tell them it’s not an easy path to take but it’s fulfilling. Then they get excited and say they can’t wait to start their own business too but don’t know what sort of business they should be in. Then I say, it’s ok. Do what you love. Be in a business you know best about. For now. Once you’re more established, you can hire people who know certain things more than you and diversify.

Then I meet them a few years down the road, still attending some of the “Entrepreneur” events and seminars. Still getting excited meeting and learning from the speakers. The thing is, their business still hasn’t started. They’re still doing their research. Still perfecting the business plan or still waiting for investors or the perfect website or the perfect strategy. They’re still WAITING. Why? Start NOW!


Where do people find you? It’s so much easier now. When I just started out, blogging was something relatively new. Those who started blogs in the 2000s are masters at it by now. I wrote on and off so this actually affects my blog ranking in a negative way. Once you start, you shouldn’t stop. That’s why we have calenders to help us keep track. Blogging still works wonders but not everyone likes writing or reading.

For those who aren’t fans of writing you can use Audio such as podcasts or a radio show to deliver your content.

For those who aren’t as shy as me, there is Video such as YouTube, Facebook Live, Instagram Live and SnapChat.


This is the tricky part. How do people find you if no one knows you. Well not counting your friends and business communities (which you should be part of, by the way). How did you find me? Instagram? Twitter? LinkedIn?

I don’t believe in placing ads so fast but I know it really helps get faster results. With ads you can target a specific audience by age, geography, likes, and more.


It’s easier if you have a physical product that you can give away as samples. Find up and coming influencers that are currently influencing the type of followers you want and send them a Direct Message telling them your offer. They might not take up your offer or if they do, they might not tag you when they try your product but that’s ok. You could always ask for feedback. Asking for feedback is market research for you. That’s a win. Build the relationship first.

I just started my Instagram account @just_hanniz and started posting last week. I’m nowhere near my favourite mentors with their millions of followers but I’m grateful to be able to share what I have with those who are just discovering me. Not all my followers are local (most are from the US) but those that are, I offer my time and whatever insight face to face when I can.

I hope to do videos or at least podcasts soon.

What if you, like me, don’t have a physical product to giveaway? Well, we’ll have to start with helping others. Retweet, requote, take photos of products your favourite influencers are featuring. It took years for them to be where they are today. It will take time for us as well.


This is something I’m learning to do too.


If you can be in the top posts for a certain #hashtag each day, you are going to win. #win #marketing #startnow


We need to start posting stuff EVERYDAY. So that shall be my new goal. Are you with me? (Keep me updated on your progress in the comments below)


It’s no use having millions of fans or likes or followers if only a handful engage with you. When people comment on your post, REPLY no matter how busy you are. (Btw, being busy all the time is so yesterday). Create friendships, talk to them, ask them how they are. They are people like you and me. Don’t limit yourself to online communites. Get out there and join or build communities in your neighbourhood. It doesn’t matter if only five people turn up. It’s a start.


I noticed that when I write more in my Instagram posts, I get more engagement. So I don’t just post Quotes, I also post tips or teasers about what I write here on my blog. Also, comment on others’ posts. It’s not always about you.

Just today after sharing an excerpt from my post from yesterday, I got 29 visits to my blog. From NOTHING! From 0! It’s a super feeling! Now I’m motivated to be more consistent. I know it will take some time to be anywhere near where I want to be but I have a feeling I’ll be enjoying this journey. Let’s START together NOW!

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