For non-techies like me, I find the process cumbersome but it doesn’t have to be. SEO helps to bring traffic to your website and we all need traffic to get people to know we exist.


The first thing you need to do is practice. Create a dumbie website or a blog to practise so there’s no pressure. A blog using wordpress is a good start.


Write about anything you like. Get your content done then


install the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin which helps optimize your website for Google searches. Ah but it’s not THAT easy. You’ll need to enter your keywords in your title, in your meta description. There are guides on how to use the Yoast plugin to make things easier for you.


Next, you’ll need to cross link your posts. For example if you’re in the food business and you’re talking about your latest recipes that have say brinjal, peppers, tomatoes, chicken slices etc. Link those words to another post that has similar ingredients (words).


Lastly, start building links. Go to and put in your competitor’s URL (or since this is a friendly site, choose blogs that are writing about the same things you are).

At, you will see links that are going to your “competitors” sites. Here’s where you need to add an extra or two layers of skin to give you the extra confidence. You need to approach these guys who are sending links to your competitor and tell them that you noticed them linking their sites to your competitors websites and that you’re also writing about the similar stuff but in your region and have some different offers to give. Give samples of how you’re different.

Invite them to check your website out to see if it would be something their readers would like and if they like your stuff, to also link their site to yours. Not everyone will respond but even five responses out of 100 is a good start. When you start posting more stuff and getting more links to your website, you know you’re on the right track. It will surely take some time, but it’s worth it.

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