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I’m often asked why I laugh a lot. It’s not me laughing at anyone in particular but usually about how absurd a situation is and laughing feels better than being exasperated. It also helps lighten most situations unless you’re in the premise of a grumpy and angry fart who might take offence instead.

Laughter helps me reduce stress and see things more clearly rather than through a cloud of worry. Here’s what has to say which I agree to 100%:

Working hard and laughter are not mutually exclusive. Building on the previous point, I never understood why people feel that laughing means not taking the matter at hand seriously. The best ideas come through ease.

The best flow happens in moments of joy. The human connection begins with laughter and to laugh while working or solving a problem is to be open to new possibilities. Some people never learn this – they become grumpy and old. But life is about having fun. And to have fun does not mean, by default, that you are not “getting anything done.” On the contrary.

You can have fun and get more done than you ever thought imaginable.

There is little success, where there is little laughter- Andrew Carnegie

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