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It is usually assumed that only sales people and business owners need to network. Networking is viewed as a means to possibly meet new clients. I used to think that way, too. Now that I network more and come across students and people in between jobs, I’ve learnt that it doesn’t matter who you are or what position you hold. I’m there to listen to your story and learn.

People network to find out what’s happening on the ground. Upcoming trends, challenges, consumer insights- all free information are available at your fingertips. What the young people are buying, where they go to shop, how the unemployed use their time, what they view as necessities etc.

When it comes to secretaries or PAs networking, a few bosses feel that their staff might find an opportunity to work somewhere else or decide to work on their own. However, they sometimes forget that their secretaries and PAs are also their brand ambassadors. People are more likely to run away from sales people than harmless secretaries or PAs who are there to get to know other people.

PAs can learn what the current trends are and can recommend new ideas to their bosses, adding value to what they have to offer to the company and getting rewarded for it. They learn not to be redundant and be threatened by future AI/technology which can take over their administrative duties.

PAs on the ground can learn what new skills are needed at the workplace without being distracted by the sales figures needed to be achieved today. They are there to fully absorb their surroundings while also building their own skillsets and representing their companies.

Not all PAs will see the need to network. They’re comfortable in their jobs and are happy where they are. And that’s fine. But if she’s the first person potential clients meet when visiting your company and while waiting for the meeting to start, asks questions about your company, wouldn’t it impress them to know that even your PA is proud to share news about how well your company is doing?

The more one networks – with a positive outlook – the more one will learn. And if you’re always learning, you are growing and thus developing yourself – especially your interpersonal communication skills. You will learn to listen and when to talk.

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